Introduction to Stockholm

This short introduction to Stockholm will give you a broad view of our history as well as our habits and customs, and also of the many people from other countries who live here today.

The city of Stockholm sprawls over 14 islands, and dates back to the 13th century. The historical buildings are clustered on and around “old town” island. Other parts of the town that you might include are Södermalm, “south island”, and the elegant Östermalm, “eastern island”, often called “little Paris”, as well as the island of Djurgården, home to many of the city’s museums as well as a lovely park.

For a short introduction to Stockholm it is advisable to focus on the old town. In the old town it would be possible to visit Stockholm City Hall, Stockholm Cathedral, Royal Armory and the Royal Palace.

The Vasa museum and the ABBA museum are popular sites as well, but they are located on the island of Djurgården

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Old Town of Stockholm
Royal Palace in Stockholm
Winter in Stockholm
Stockholm City Hall
Old Town Stockholm
Narrow street in Old Town
Summer night in Stockholm
Stockholm canal frozen over